Cruz Ramirez
Gender: Female
Color: Yellow
Occupation: Trainer and race technician at the Rust-eze Racing Center
Piston Cup Racer
First Appearance: Cars 3
Voiced by: Cristela Alonzo

Cruz Ramirez is a young, Hispanic female sports car who instructs Lightning McQueen and a member of the more recent generation of cars. Cruz still believes McQueen has potential, and works at the Rust-eze Racing Center to coach McQueen.


Cruz Ramirez is a sunny-but-fierce unconventional trainer at the Rust-eze Racing Center. She expertly arms the team's talented rookies with cutting-edge tools to tear up the track—but she nearly stalls when her longtime idol Lightning McQueen shows up. While she'd love to help him find his way back to the top, she knows the competition is faster than ever, and victory is all about speed—or is it?

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